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Best Way to Add an IPTV Playlist to IBO PRO?

IPTV playlist

IPTV playlists let you watch live channels and on-demand shows on your smart TV, media players, and devices like phones and tablets. You need an M3U link from your provider to use it. IBO PLAYER stands out as a top IPTV app for Smart TVs. It’s a great replacement for Duplex Play, which is no longer found on Samsung and LG stores.

IBO PLAYER doesn’t come with any channel lists. This means you need to provide your own M3U link to start watching. It’s a top choice for watching IPTV content and works on all kinds of devices. These include Smart TVs, Android devices (like TV, Box, or Fire Stick), and Apple TV.

Key Takeaways

  • IPTV playlists provide access to live TV channels and on-demand content on smart TVs, media players, and mobile devices.
  • IBO PLAYER is one of the best IPTV apps for Smart TVs, considered an ideal alternative to Duplex Play.
  • IBO PLAYER requires you to provide your IPTV service provider’s M3U link to watch channels and VOD.
  • IBO PLAYER is among the best streaming players, offering an easy way to watch channels from your IPTV service provider.
  • IBO PLAYER can be installed on various devices, including Smart TVs, Android (TV, Box, Fire Stick, …) or Apple TV.

Understanding Ibo Pro and IPTV Play lists

Ibo Pro is favourite for those wanting great streaming. It’s packed with features for live IPTV and on-demand shows. This makes it a top pick for a flawless viewing experience.

What is Ibo Pro?

Ibo Pro is designed for quick streaming and is easy to use. It works with many screen types and has top-notch controls for m3u playlists. This makes streaming feel excellent. It works great with MX and VLC players for smooth playbacks.

Benefits of Using Ibo Pro

Ibo Pro lets you create a list of top IPTV shows and movies. This makes finding your favourites fast. There’s also a tool for parents. It keeps kids from watching unsuitable content, making Ibo Pro safe for families.

Explanation of IPTV Play lists

IP TV playlists help you see live TV and on-demand stuff on your devices. They come in M3U links from services. You can easily use these links with Ibo Pro for lots of channels and shows at home.

Screen Resolution SupportIbo Pro supports a wide range of screen resolutions, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience on various devices.
M3U Player ControlsIbo Pro offers advanced m3u player controls, allowing users to easily manage and navigate their IPTV playlists.
Streaming OptimisationThe application is optimised for fast streaming, providing a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience.
Favourites ManagementIbo Pro enables users to add their favourite IPTV channels and on-demand content to a personalised list for quick access.
Parental ControlsThe parental control feature in Ibo Pro allows parents to restrict access to certain content, ensuring a safe viewing environment for families.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding IPTV Playlists to Ibo Pro

To add an IP TV playlist to Ibo Pro, first, get an ip tv subscription. Then, the M3U link from your iptv provider. Open the Ibo Pro app and find your “Device ID” and “Device Key” on the screen.

Obtaining Your IPTV Subscription From an IPTV Provider

Sign up with the best iptv service provider for your iptv subscription. They will give you an M3U link. This link lets you watch your ip tv channels on different devices.

Launching Ibo Pro and Finding Your Device ID and Key

Launch The Ibo Pro App on your device after successfully installing it. Find the “MAC ID” and “Device Key” info on the screen. You must have these to connect your ip tv playlist to Ibo Pro.

Accessing the Ibo Player Portal and Logging In

IPTV playlist

Go to the Ibo Player portal on your browser. Use the ibo pro login details you got when you bought the app. Now, you can set up and add things to Ibo Pro.

Adding Your IPTV Play List (M3U Playlist) to Ibo Pro

ibo pro

In the Ibo Player portal, After accesing using your MAC ID and Device Key, find the Add playlist option. Paste the M3U link from your iptv subscription there. Save the changes. Now, your ip tv channels are linked to the Ibo Pro app.

Restarting Ibo Pro and Enjoying Your IPTV Channels

After adding your iptv playlist to Ibo Pro, restart the app. This makes sure the update is good to go. You’re all set to enjoy live TV and catch up with video on demand from your best iptv service using Ibo Pro’s iptv player.


Ibo Pro is a top-notch IP TV player. It lets users easily add their IPTV subscription. This way, you can watch lots of live TV and shows whenever you want. Just follow our guide to get started with your IPTV playlist on Ibo Pro. Then, your favourite programmes, movies, and sports are right there for you to enjoy.

It works well with smart TVs, media players, and phones. Ibo Pro is great for making your IPTV viewing experience awesome. With its fantastic support for different IPTV channels, video on demand, and paid IPTV services, there’s so much entertainment to choose from.

Looking for a reliable IP TV player? Ibo Pro is a great choice. It connects easily with IPTV providers. This ensures you get an amazing IPTV experience on many devices and platforms.


What is an IPTV playlist?

IP TV playlists give you access to live TV channels and on-demand shows. You can watch these on smart TVs, media players, and mobiles. This is done using an M3U link provided by your IPTV service provider.


IBO PLAYER stands out as a top IPTV app for Smart TVs today. It’s perfect for those coming from Duplex Play, especially with changes in availability on Samsung or LG stores. Unlike some apps, it doesn’t come with its own lists or channels. This means you need to have your own list link (m3u link) to start watching.

What are the features of IBO PLAYER?

IBO PLAYER is a top-notch Media player designed for quick streaming and simplicity. It caters to all screen sizes and offers advanced controls specific to m3u playlists. These features make it an excellent choice for a smooth streaming experience.

The app is user-friendly and works well with popular players like MX and VLC. It supports fast streaming and lets you add your favourite channels and media to a special list. Plus, it comes with a parental control option, handy for families wanting to control what their kids watch.

How do I add an IPTV playlist to Ibo Pro?

To add an IPTV playlist to Ibo Pro, the first step is to get an IP TV subscription and the M3U link from your provider. With this, open the Ibo Pro app. Look for the “Device ID” and “Device Key” shown on your screen.

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